5 Awesome New Car Technologies In 2015

Augmented Driving app on iPhone

Cars and gadgets are two of our favourite things in the world. So when the two combine, it’s like the stars aligning! Cars and technology have always grown together. In the film world, the likes of Bond cars have always been fitted with incredible gadgets. In the modern world we have slowly seen the integration of the internet into our vehicles. Even the technology that powers our cars is changing.

Augmented Driving app on iPhone

If you thought hybrid technology was revolutionary, wait until you see what’s coming next. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the next generation of eco-friendly driving technology. Alongside that, we’re seeing the introduction of sophisticated, intelligent dashboards. Gesture controls, voice recognition and augmented reality are all becoming commonplace. We took a look at what’s hitting the market in 2015 and chose our favourite new car technologies.

1. Virtual cockpits

Audi are spearheading the new route forward when it comes to the car dashboard. The 2014 TT was a revolution with its fancy new digital display. In 2015 and 2016 they will go one step further. This digital dash will evolve into a complete virtual cockpit. Controls and commands will be made with hand gestures. This will include swiping upwards to open windows. Impressive stuff.

2. Self driving vehicles

Self driving cars have become a hot topic over the last couple of years. The technology exists and is fully functional. Browse any online dealer like Pentagon Group and you’ll find cars with aspects of it already. Some have automatic parking functions; they’ll reverse themselves into an empty space. Others have road lane monitors and will automatically pull you back into the correct lane.  However, debate rages over the safety and compatibility of the technology on a larger scale.

3. Car apps

More and more new vehicles are hitting the market complete with their own smartphone app. BMW, for instance, have an app that accompanies its top end models. You can locate the car in a busy parking lot with nothing but the app. You can unlock and control electrical features from your phone. You can even plan your journey, save it on the app and the car will know where to go. There are limitless possibilities for this technology. We’re just at the start of the experiment.

4. Heads up displays

This is perhaps the most talked-about new technology for 2015. Some new cars on the market this year will feature digital windscreens. They will prompt drivers with navigational tools and information on the windscreen itself. The intention is that drivers will no longer have to look down at sat nav screens. Instead, the information will be right there in front of them on the windscreen.

5. Hydrogen fuel cell power

2015 will see the release of the world’s first road legal hydrogen powered car. It is the next step in green driving. The engine requires only hydrogen and emits nothing but water. Following the success of the Prius, Toyota are leading the hydrogen charge with 2015’s Mirai. Look out for this one on the roads later this year.

Nothing gets us more excited than the combination of cars and technology! We’re about to step into the next generation of motor technology and we cannot wait.