6 Reasons Your Next Car Should Be A Volvo

Volvo XC60

Are you looking for a new car? If you are, you more than likely want a Mercedes or BMW or anything exotic. It isn’t hard to see why drivers fawn over these types of cars. For starters, they are beautiful. Plus, they are fast and agile. Everyone wants a supercar if they can afford one. Not too many people decide that they want a Volvo. Unlike its German cousins, a Volvo isn’t as glamorous. The specifications aren’t as impressive either. Still, does that mean you should dismiss it out of hand? No, you shouldn’t because a Volvo has a range of other features that makes it a great purchase. In fact, it should be your next car they are that great. Forget about the popular cars because Volvo is the way forward. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the following.

Volvo XC60

#1: Cost-Effective

The one thing that the majority of car owners look for in a vehicle is the cost. To begin with, you want a car that isn’t going to break the bank. Unless you have plenty of spare cash, you can’t afford to blast tens of thousands of pounds on a new motor. And, guess what – Volvos are dirt cheap. Even the new models are much cheaper than their closest competitors. They are also cheap to maintain. Pound for pound, Volvo is one of the most fuel efficient cars manufacturers on the planet. When it comes to cost, there aren’t too many better.

#2: Reliable

You also want a car that is going to run forever. Sure, it is nice to be able to buy a new car after a while. But, can you afford to do so? Better yet, do you need to make a purchase? For most people, a new car isn’t a necessity. Instead, it is something they want to do, so they go out and buy the prettiest car. When you buy a Volvo, you don’t have to bother with a new car for a while. They are very reliable, and they will run for years. Although you like the idea of a new car, you can save a fortune by resisting the temptation. You can only do that, however, if the current car lasts.

#3: Good Second-Hand Option

Because they are reliable, they are a good option if you are thinking of buying a second-hand vehicle. In fact, Harratts sells as many used Volvos as they do any other type of car. That little fact gives you an insight into how good they are second-hand. Again, it boils down to reliability. Even though the car has down thousands of miles, the engine is strong enough to take the pressure. Volvos are notorious for doing over a hundred thousand miles and more. Okay, it might not look as good, and it might sound a touch rough. Still, that doesn’t matter to most drivers that are buying a used motor.

#4: Safety First

As far as safety goes, Volvo is one of the world leaders. Throughout the past couple of decades, the Swedish manufacturer has been at the forefront of car safety. In 1959, for example, it invented the three-point seat belt. Then, in 1972, it went one step further and added the system belt reminder system. Every car in the world uses these pieces of technology today. Volvo takes passenger safety very seriously due to its past. They are constantly trying to create new technology to make their cars safer. As a result, you know you as safe as it gets when you are behind the wheel. In fact, Volvos are that safe that it is their most recognized feature.

#5: Going Green

Your impact might not bother you, but it should because it affects the future. In time, the world’s carbon footprint will have a lasting effect on the ice caps, and sea levels will rise. Cars are one of the major contributors to greenhouse gasses, and your car could be damaging your children’s future. That is, unless, you buy a Volvo. Volvo is one of the only manufacturers at the moment that provides a hybrid option. Toyota might have the best PR with the Prius, but Volvo isn’t far behind. And, there is more good news. Volvo is going to release an electric car. As you can see, Volvo does its bit for the environment – are you going to do yours?

#6: Design

Finally, a Volvo isn’t hard on the eyes. Sure, they are better looking cars on the market. But, there are none that is as cheap or as safe. Volvo mixes a range of features into its cars, looks being one.