Audi Nabs Q2 And Q4 From Fiat


In the event that you like riddles, attempt to make sense of the missing pieces in this: Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9. You don’t have to work at the NSA to make sense of that Q2 and Q4 are absent, despite the fact that that appears to have evaded Audi’s trademark legal counselors around 10 years back. Audi wanted to demonstrate a little Q2 hybrid at the Geneva automobile fair in March, and to manufacture an energetic Q4 variation of the hot offering Q3, yet it couldn’t do it.


Not due to building challenges or money deficiencies, but rather on the grounds that Fiat claimed the trademarks to Q2 and Q4. FCA constantly made it clear that the names weren’t available to be purchased. The possibility for Audi was to call the Q2 the Q1, which denied Audi of the opportunity to convey a much littler hybrid off the forthcoming Volkswagen T-Cross junior 4×4 junkie, which will be based off the VW Polo/Audi A1 construction modeling. There was no possibility for the Q4 issue.

Audi, as far as it matters for its, is no more peculiar to Italian dialect names, with the most evident being its shorthand for all wheel drive, “Quattro,” which signifies “four” in Italian. Yet, Quattro was never on the table, Stadler said. Audi utilized Duo as a part of 1997, Avantissimo for an idea auto in 2001, and Nuvolari on another in 2003. Nuvolari could be an intriguing association, since it was named after incredible prewar racer, Tazio Nuvolari, who won Grands Prix for both Alfa Romeo and Audi’s herald, Auto Union.

In any case, that is about it inside Audi’s history for potential Fiat, Lancia, Maserati, or Alfa Romeo names, other than Nardò, the Italian test track claimed by the Volkswagen Group. In any case, Alfa isn’t the main FCA brand that needs names, and here’s the place it gets fascinating. Extravagance brand Maserati has a past filled with wind names that is just about the length of its history of almost going belly up before being saved.

So something in among the majority of that more likely than not changed FCA’s extravagant, on the grounds that the Q2 badging will be seen on an Audi in Geneva in March, and the Q4 ought to touch base in 2019 or thereabouts.