Audi To Compete With BMW In 2015 For World’s Best SUV

Audi Q5-10

Audi and BMW have been competing for a large market share for decades. However, it looks as though 2015 could bring dramatic changes for the two luxury car manufacturers. Thanks to increased investment, it appears the team at Audi might just beat their BMW counterparts over the next twelve months. That is part of a huge and costly expansion program that launched at the start of January. While BMW recorded record sales of over two million units last year, they could be overtaken very soon. With that in mind, we thought you might like to read about some of the reasons Audi are making waves at the current time. Their latest SUV models are winning awards all over the world, and so is their latest roadster.

Audi Q5-10

Quality cars at affordable prices

While most people have to search used cars on Google when looking to buy something different, soon you might be able to afford something new. Audi has always done their best to reduce prices and pass savings onto their customers. However, they have still remained at the top end of the market. BMW models tend to be far more expensive, which is one of the main reasons we believe buyers will flock to Audi dealerships over the coming months. Not only are the latest releases affordable, but the quality on offer is second to none.

Good reliability and safety records

You only have to spend half an hour reading through online owner’s reviews to see that Audi has a fantastic reputation. While there isn’t too much information about their new SUV models at the current time, everything else in the Audi fleet receives positive testimonials. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find anyone who regretted their purchase. Of course, you are always going to get dodgy automobiles from time to time. Thankfully though, they are few and far between when purchasing from this manufacturer.

Fast and stylish designs

Face it, most people buy luxury cars because they are fast and stylish. Audi models are certainly no exception. The latest Roadster to roll off the production line is almost $10,000 cheaper than similar models available from the likes of BMW. Can you tell it’s a cheaper car? Certainly not. The ride is just as smooth, and the interior is just as comfortable. Luxury cars are often considered to be a status symbol. In the eyes of other people, Audi’s are just as impressive as anything else you might consider buying.

So, you should have a good idea about why Audi are set to win the battle with BMW in 2015. Are there going to be any shock revelations ones the race starts? Almost certainly. However, we are quietly confident that BMW sales will slump slightly over the next few months. That should give the Audi team enough space to take the lead.

If you would like to find more information about the new SUV and Roadster models from Audi, you will discover a wealth of information online. You just might have to wait a couple of months for the owner reviews. At the moment, it’s just too soon to make an accurate assessment.