Bigger Battery For TESLA Model X Entry Model

tesla model X

A new Bigger upgraded battery will add to the range and performance for the entry-level Tesla Model X when it eventually reaches the UK in the month of June.

Tesla has ditched the base 70D model from the Model X lineup, replacing it with the 75D – which as the name may be suggested upgrades battery capacity from 70kWh to 75kWh. It’s claimed the change will increase scope 220 miles to 237 miles, with a 0- 60mph time of 6.0 seconds and a 130mph top speed. In the US, the price has gone up by $3,000 to $83,000 too.

The Model X is bigger, offering more than twice the cargo space of the S if you forgo the third row of seats. But you probably should not, because unlike the novelty way-back area on the Model S, third row seats face forward on the Model X.

The Model X served as a platform for Tesla’s most advanced tech yet: Autopilot. With this, the newly Model X can do a pretty comprehensive job of taking care of itself. Take the Summon feature, for example. Using that same Tesla mobile application that you use to monitor charging, you can actually command the car to unpark itself and come to you.

tesla model X

The Tesla Model X is an all-electric, all-wheel-drive SUV designed first and foremost as a family utility vehicle. It offers 6 or 7 seats, class-leading interior space and practicality, married to powerful safety credentials centred around active collision avoidance tech. Beyond that, it’s got falcon wing rear doors – a type of gullwing door with additional articulation, and a tongue-in-cheek ‘bioweapon defence’ system that filters the cabin air supply.