Check Out These Amazing Tech Developments In Cars!


Technology is constantly changing and evolving into something better. Where cars are concerned, there have been numerous advances in car tech over the years. Going back twenty years, and the only slither of technology a car had was a tape player and radio.


Nowadays, there’s so much technology that’s packed into a car. State of the art tech that has revolutionised the automobile world. So, I’ve decided to pick out my favourite tech developments in cars these days:

Self-Driving Cars

One of the latest tech developments are cars that drive themselves. It’s something that’s always been talked about, and now we’re starting to see it. There are cars on the market already that have a parking feature that allows the car to park itself. But, some manufacturers are developing cars that can drive by themselves too. The practical uses of this are that it gives you time to relax a little when you’re on a long drive. Just stick the car onto auto-pilot for a while and you can sit back a little bit. At the moment, self-driving cars are still in the development stages, but no doubt we’ll see many on the market soon.


Some cars now have cameras built into them. The new Aygo, which is pictured on the Inchcape Toyota website, has a rear view camera installed. Rear view cameras are becoming a very popular addition to cars these days. The purpose is to give you a clearer picture of what’s behind you while driving. The camera feed is sent to the main screen on your dashboard. It’s particularly helpful when you’re reversing round a corner or trying to park in a tight spot.

Parking Sensors

You can probably guess what parking sensors are purely by their name. They’re sensors built into the car to aid your parking. The sensors are normally on the front and back end, and will only come into effect when you’re attempting to park. They emit a loud beeping sound when you’re close to hitting an object. The closer you get to an object, the louder the sensors will sound. Parking sensors are a great invention that makes parking your car a whole lot easier. Especially if your view is being restricted slightly, it can stop you from damaging your vehicle.

Hybrid Technology

Possibly the greatest development over the last decade has been that of hybrid cars. Cars that combine electrical power, with the common fuel powered engine. Hybrid technology has allowed cars to be more fuel-efficient and greater for the planet. We’re even seeing supercars developed using hybrid engines now. Driving a hybrid will also save you lots of money on fuel costs throughout the year. There are also practical, performance-based, benefits of a hybrid car, as well as some tax incentives.

There’s so much to love about all the new technology getting put into cars. Lots of this tech is done for a reason, to improve the overall driving experience. Cars are now a lot safer and better to drive than they’ve ever been. Car technology continues to grow, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.