Eli ZERO mini vehicle is designed to deliver us a flexible way for everyday commutes

Eli ZERO Mini Electric Vehicle

Many people see electric cars as something it is excellent for buying around city, however not for taking up long highway journeys. Well, it truly is where neighborhood electric cars (NEVs) are available in. They may be designed particularly for shorter, low-speed jaunts – and the Eli Zero is one of the cutting-edge to hit the scene.

Eli ZERO Mini Electric Vehicle Design

The Eli zero is a fantastically designed and bendy mini electric powered automobile that measures 53.4 x 88.6 x 61 inches and weighs 877 lbs (904 lbs for zero+). As we can see from the pix, the electric automobile shows off a compact layout, and it’s 40 percent smaller than smart for 2, so that you can power it through the streets of your city and will never fear about confined parking area on crowded areas. Meanwhile, the streamlined contours and terrific detailing deliver a captivating futuristic style. The excessive-tensile, light-weight all-aluminum frame gives a light-weight but robust construction. The mini vehicle fits two humans with adjustable seats, and 160L trunk space allows it to keep all of your groceries and more things.

Eli ZERO Mini Electric Vehicle

Eli ZERO Mini Electric Vehicle Features

Eli ZERO comes equipped with a custom AC Asynchronous induction motor and 48V 6.0kWh (6.3kWh for ZERO+) Lithium-ion battery pack, so it’s able to offer a top speed of 25mph and up to 55mi range (85mi for ZERO+), and 13 battery safety features allow for all around protection and longer lifespan. Using 110V outlet, it can be fully charged in 6 hours, or using a standard level-2 charging station for full charge in 4.5 hours.

Furthermore, its BERS improves vehicle maneuvering and improves driver’s safety during braking, and its LED headlights interact with you when approaching or unlocking during charging or while driving. In addition, its sunroof lets you enjoy the sun and the breeze when you’re on the road. Other features also include redesigned dashboard, smart lock, auto-hold with electromagnetic brakes, smart lock, USB port and more.

Eli ZERO Mini Electric Vehicle Price

The team behind Eli ZERO is raising fund for the mini electric vehicle on Indiegogo. We can pledge $250 to get a chance to save $3200 for booking the mini car with a $7700 price tag. It will be shipped in January 2019. Still want more efficient then this, than the Smart ForTwo ED Hatchback is the only one that’s just right, revealed at boston tech conferences.