Greyp Has Revealed A New Electric Bicycle That Is Just Impressive


Greyp Bikes just announced a new electric bike called the Greyp G12H. It can reach speeds of up to 27 miles per hour while using its 3kWh Lithium-Ion battery. It will reportedly stay charged for up to 150 miles, making it the longest-range e-bicycle out there. If you’ve a 10 mile round trip to work, each would cost 2.3 cents, making it one of the cheapest powered transportation opt, too.

‘Cheap’ is strictly related to energy consumption, however. The Greyp G12S, the company’s current model bike that has a shorter 75 mile range but is faster at 70 km/h (44 mph) costs €8,380, or around $9,400.

Greyp G12H

Despite its impressive top speed, the G12S also had a very useful maximum range. The 1.5 kWh battery pack built onto this bike’s frame could take its owner for a 75-mile ride (120 km), which is more than any other e-bike we can think of. The new one, however, the Greyp G12H, comes with a battery pack that’s double the capacity of the old one, meaning the range will also increase by 100 %. That means the G12H can go 150-miles (240 km) between charges, which is almost more than anyone would ever need.

The G12H and faster G12S both look more like motocross bikes than electric bicycles. Given the 107 pound weight of the Greyp G12S model, in fact, the pedals are mostly for show, and the G12H should weigh at least that much. Other features include an ‘Supernova’ lights, a custom rack, and biometric sensor to activate the e-bike. There is no word yet on availability or cost, but Greyp says the price tag and range will depend on the battery option you choose.