How the Electric Car Market is Evolving

E Mobility Charging

Electric cars are somewhat new to the market and have not been accepted on a global scale just yet. But they are developing and evolving each year. Newer and newer technology is coming to light that’s helping in the manufacture of electric cars. While people are conscious of the environment, they don’t appear to have grasped greener driving yet. But in the not too distant future we’re likely to see an increase in the popularity of these cars. The market is evolving, and evolving in several ways.

E Mobility Charging

Electric Cars

The current models of electric car on the market have been around for a few years now. They are the small, compact golf buggy type design that are quick and efficient. These represent the first generation of electric cars. They’re designed to be more environmentally friendly. Electric cars of today run on batteries that charge via charger points. There are a limited number of these points around, but they look set to become more common. After charging the battery, you’ll be able to drive your car for miles before having to charge it again. The principal advantages here seem to be cutting down on fuel emissions and saving money. Electric cars are efficient, practical and can save space in cities.

Hybrid Cars

More recently we have seen the evolution of electric cars and the inception of hybrid vehicles. These cars tend to combine the best elements from both regular cars and electric cars. It seems that hybrid cars were  manufacturers ways of combatting the electric car influx. They could release their own models of car as normal, but with a hybrid edge to match the greener approach of electric cars. It seems hybrid cars are becoming more popular with each passing year. Soon you’ll find yourself able to go to any dealership or website and find them. You could visit and select the latest hybrid on the market. Hybrid cars may take the electric car movement in an all new direction. Pretty soon we might see hybrid cars become the cars of the future rather than electric cars.


Tesla is the principal manufacturer of electric cars currently on the market. They’re considered to be industry heavyweights and pioneers in the eco-friendly car movement. They’ve also produced precedent-setting electric sports vehicles. They manufactured the world’s first electric sports car the Tesla Roadster. Each year Tesla releases new and updated forms of electric cars and looks set to dominate the market for years. But, it’s emerged recently that they could face fresh competition in the electric car market. This came with the news that Apple is entering the industry and is locked in a battle with Tesla already.


It might be strange to find electronics giant Apple on this list, but it seems Steve Jobs’s legacy will live on. Apple has decided to take the plunge in the automobile industry. Reports emerged earlier this month that they’ve begun work on a secret project titled Project Titan. It’s been confirmed that Project Titan will be an electric car. But not too much more information is available about the project and Apple is keeping their cards close to their chest.