How To Customize Your Car For Style & Performance


When your brand new car rolls off the production line, that doesn’t mean it’s ‘finished’. That’s just your starting point, ladies and gentlemen. From there, you can make that car your own. Add those personal and custom touches that separate it from the crowd. Now, you want to avoid the outdated ‘Fast and Furious’ mods! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Here are our top tips.


New paint job – Straight off the production line, your car isn’t impressing anyone. We all get the same colour choices, and a metallic paint option. But, what if you want something a bit special? Something that will stand out, and make a mark? Get yourself a custom paint job, and give it some character! Just be sure to make regular auto detailing appointments to keep that new paint in perfect condition.

Filters and intake – When we talk about modifications, most drivers instantly jump to conclusions. They assume they need fuel injections and an engine upgrade. The truth is that you need to upgrade all the elements around the engine first. Start with the filters and intake. Upgrading these will allow more air and oxygen into the engine. Your engine needs this to react with the petrol. More oxygen equals more performance.

Braking – Ask any professional racing driver about the key to success. They’ll always tell you one thing: braking. The later you brake into the corners, the faster your lap times. It’s the same story out on the road. If you want a better, safer experience on the road, upgrade the brakes. A good set of disc brakes ought to do the trick.

Aftermarket wheels – A new set of wheels are fantastic, because they improve the style and performance, all at the same time. In terms of styling, be careful to avoid the over-the-top hubcaps! Other than that, choose your favourite style and design. Match it with high-performance tyres, and you’re good to go.

Performance exhaust – You’ll notice that we still haven’t mentioned any engine upgrades. You still don’t need them. In terms of performance, the exhaust is next on the list. You’re looking for a cleaner, more efficient exhaust. First of all, it will improve your mileage and fuel economy. Secondly, it will process the fuel and waste much faster, allowing better performance.

Suspension – Improving the intake and the output exhaust will unlock all the possible power from your engine. Now, you just need to make sure the car itself can handle it. That means upgrading the suspension. A better suspension gives you more control on the road, and on the track.

Stereo and interior – Last of all, don’t forget about the interior. This is your chance to have a little fun. You can upgrade the upholstery with custom leather. You can replace the tiny stereo with something a little more exciting. Custom steering wheels are also available. You can even install a performance monitor or the latest car technology devices.

There you have it, folks! A complete guide to style and performance mods for your new car. Where would you start?