How To Look After Your Car’s Tires For Better Performance


Every car owner wants their car to go faster and perform better. Even if you only use your car to take the kids to school and the shops, there is something horrifying about a bad car. You can look at it and be as objective as possible, but you will still come to the same result.


The problem with improving performance is that it is not easy, and it is not cheap, unless you focus on the tires. Maintaining your tires can rapidly improve performance as the car has better grip. Also, it responds to your commands more effectively. ‘Brilliant, but how do I look after my tires’?

Drive Carefully

Your driving style has a big effect on the performance of your tires. When you drive fast and recklessly, you put more pressure on the tires and they start to erode. The worse you drive, the worse the damage to the tires. By driving carefully and smoothly, you can completely eradicate the negative impact of your driving style. The tires are in better condition for longer, which means your car’s performance will rise.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Something as simple as filling your tires with air increases performance, which shows you how the little things play a big part. When tires are strong and compact, they react better and give you better steering and control. Also, the road doesn’t wear them down as much or start to make them disintegrate. Tires can lose pressure naturally through tiny perforations. So, it is important that you fill them with air every time you feel the pressure start to drop.

Choose A Quality Tire

The above might not be a big surprise to a lot of people, but there are still plenty of car owners who insist on buying poor quality tires. It is common sense that the best tires will perform to a higher level, giving your car more performance. Take the Bridgestone Turanza ER30 as an example. The Turanza is a high-performance tire that offers stability at high speeds. Of course, the price is a bit higher than the average tire, but the average tire doesn’t offer the same benefits. It is well worth paying more money for a tire that performs to a high level. Otherwise, you tires will have no impact on performance whatsoever.


Keep your tires out of harm’s way. When you are not driving, your tires are still susceptible to damage. At the minute, the weather conditions can get into the tire and start to make them falter. It is important that you cover them up or store them in a safe, dry place. If you have a garage, that is the best place to put your car to maintain its performance.