Jaguar XF 2016 – Beautiful Dynamics


When this Jaguar XF arrives in the States next year, no one will ask. But the 2016 XF is entirely new, it just does not look as new as it is. When the XF first debuted in late 2007, it broke Jaguar sedans away from the old-world aesthetic they had been mining since the 1960s.


The XF is not likely to become the avatar of the gray-haired, but rather the gray-templed. In spite of looking like the old XF, no sheet-metal is shared. “A few screws are all that we kept,” says Mike Bradley, senior launch manager.

Put old and new next to each other and the new car’s nose appears more blunt, the side glass more upright, and the tail longer. The added length is simply a visual trick, though, as the XF is about the same size as before.

The new platform offers two inches of extra wheelbase, but the car is a fraction of an inch shorter overall and lower. In the wind tunnel, the new car’s body is more slippery, boasting a claimed 0.26 Cd to the old car’s 0.29. Aside from the doors, the trunk-lid, and the rear floor-pan, the XF’s architecture is made up of bonded and riveted aluminum castings, extrusions, and stampings.

The new platform is shared with the smaller XE, but according to Jaguar, only 20 percent of the XF is shared with the XE. In base versions, the 60-degree V-6 again inhales from a twin-vortex supercharger, has its thirst slaked via direct fuel injection, and turns out 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

The rear-biased all-wheel-drive system is alike to its harbinger and can send power forward on demand, but the transfer case now has a chain drive instead of gears. Switch the car to Dynamic mode and the speed & tachometer trade places, with the tech taking center stage.

In-car WiFi will be available and the XF also will specialty an app that allows the owner to monitor their car’s mileage, whereabouts, and fuel level.

this is just the first version of the new XF. Sportier and more powerful versions are plausibly on the drawing board.