Jeep Wrangler Based Pickup Is Happening In Toledo


Jeep Wrangler–based pickup was seriously being considered for production. According to the outlet, the vehicle is still under development and is slated to debut in either the 2017 or 2018 model year after the next generation Wrangler. Even though FCA is not expected to make any additional official announcements or comments until the current round of talks with the UAW reason. The news, which comes tied to the announcement that Wrangler production will remain in Toledo, Ohio, was confirmed to AN by independent sources.


Presently, the Toledo plant is made up of two facilities, one of which creates the body-on-frame Wrangler and one that assembles the uni-body Jeep Cherokee. By shifting Cherokee production to another facility, the second Toledo line could then be retooled to assemble body-on-frame vehicles and bring the next-gen Wrangler online without stopping assembly. If a single Wrangler line was forced to retool, that could cause the off-road ute’s scorching-hot sales to cool off.

Additionally, the extra capacity could then be used to create the new Wrangler-based pickup, or even possibly the Ram 1500 pickup, at least on a temporary basis, as Marchionne hinted at in the AN report: “We still have Warren that isn’t fixed from a producing standpoint.”

Marchionne said his two constraints are “that I cannot take down a day of Wranglers, and I cannot take down a day of trucks. So I need to move them around.”

No matter how the logistical needs are sorted, FCA has a vested interest in keeping the size of the Wrangler pickup close to that of the Wrangler Unlimited. This not only allows the pickup to cut development time and cost by utilizing components already developed for use in the Wrangler, but also precludes it from cannibalizing sales from the larger and also very successful Ram pickup line.

After a decade of teasing, it seems an official, made in Toledo modern Jeep pickup may finally see the light of day.