Land Rover Discovery Sport: Why Do People Love It?

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Even if you’ve never driven one, everyone is well aware of the mighty Land Rover. Most commonly associated with tough off-road drives and a strong exterior, the Sport takes a different approach. It’s still got that hardened demeanour, but it looks a lot more… sporty? For lack of a better word.

4×4’s are generally considered to be rather archaic, by design. We all have pictures of a muddy, scratched-up safari vehicle that would look out of place in everyday life. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is well aware of this, and provides a car that would be suitable for school runs as well as off-road adventures.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

This is just one of many reasons why people love it – and here are some more…

It’s one of the safest drives you’ll ever have

Driving is all about staying safe and secure on the roads. It’s an unpredictable activity, and you never know what the day may throw at you. Luckily, if the worst should happen, the Land Rover Discovery Sport will be there to protect you.

It scored five out of five in the EuroNCAP crash safety tests, with an airbag that deploys ridiculously quickly. There are airbags for the driver, passenger and even the driver’s knee, so you’re covered from all angles.

Additionally, the Discovery Sport comes packing four-wheel drive, meaning that the car can cope with any type of terrain. Going off-road, in the mud and grass? No problem. Driving in the rain, through several puddles of water? Not a problem. Going up a steep hill after storm has passed? Your wheels will grip, and stay gripped.

They’re reliable, new or used

Because of their tough exterior, the Land Rover Discovery Sport vehicles are extremely durable. It’s quite hard to severely damage something with this much power and bulk, so you’ll be in safe hands. If you’re buying used and are unsure, dealers such as Hunters Land Rover can offer you all the information you need regarding the car’s state. Realistically, the only major difference between new and used Discovery Sport’s will be the price!

Techno-heads, rejoice!

Not ‘techno’ the music genre, either. Rather, the Land Rover Discovery Sport comes packing more gadgets than your local Apple Store. Think wi-fi hotspots, touchscreens and full camera coverage around the exterior of the car. It’s also a smartphone friendly ride, meaning you can use your phone in tandem with the vehicle’s on-board system.

This is quite an important factor in modern cars, too. When buying a car, you should be thinking about all the different pieces of tech that can make your life easier. It’s 2016, and cars are more than just for driving!

Practicality in a range of scenarios

It’s not as though Land Rover’s have one use – the outdoors. Far from it. The Discovery Sport ditches that old, rectangular design of older models, opting for a sleek, modern look. This means you could feasibly buy one to use as your everyday car. Indeed, the Discovery Sport wouldn’t look out of place in the city, or in the town centre. It’s useful, and fitting, in everyday life.

It’s also fitting for the more adventurous souls out there. If you and your family enjoy adventure holidays and off-road jaunts, this could be the car for you. As we previously mentioned, the four-wheel drive present makes the Discovery Sport a breeze to drive on any terrain. The harsh soils presented by many off-road trails will be no problem here.

And, once the holiday is over, you can return back to your normal routine without worrying about your car’s stability. Your Land Rover will be more than ready to handle anything life can throw at it.

The space factor

Nowadays, we all crave more space. Space in our houses to store all our clothes, space in our gardens to put a trampoline. More space in a car means more legroom for long journeys, and that cannot be understated.

The Discovery Sport offers this, and more. You can stretch those legs out all you want – all seven of you. Yes, there are seven seats. Sure, the third row is rather small, but it’s still suitable for family journeys and trips away. This also means that smaller families have quite a lot of storage space for luggage, useful if you like to pretty much take your house on holiday.

So, the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Is it on your list? Does it appeal to you in any way? Hopefully, this post was of some use to you. With so many different makes, models and brands of car out there, it’s tough to know what to choose. Just stay true to your needs and you’ll be good!