Maserati Confirm That It Would Sell Its First Electric Car By 2020

Maserati Alfieri

Maserati has just announced the proper plan through which the company would be launching an Electric Maserati Alfieri by the year 2020. The Alfieri — a name that might not be retained for the production — will be offered both as a coupe and as a convertible. Earlier rumors claimed it’d take on the Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman and Renault’s born-again Alpine sports car, but one of company’s top executives recently told British website Just-Auto that it is shaping up to be a considerably bigger model.

‘Alfieri will be bigger than Boxster and Cayman. It’s being designed as a competitor to the 911 but it’ll be a larger vehicles. More the size of a Jaguar F-Type,’ explained the executive.

Maserati Alfieri
Maserati Alfieri

The gasoline version will go on sale in 2019, Maserati says that, well past its original 2016 launch date. It originally supposed to be a V8, but company decided to go with a smaller engine to meet environmental requirements. There are no details yet on its performance or price of the EV model, but we would expect it to have outstanding performance, given its Italian pedigree.

The time when the Electric Maserati Alfieri will arrive the EU fleet average of the Carbon dioxide limits will be set at around 95 grams per kg. Thus it’ll be the possibility that Electric Maserati Alfieri will become the first car to have spun the Maserati chassis.

The weight has been reduced significantly for the two seater that will increase the range in electric vehicle and will be better off in terms of emission as well.

No information about the expected range or price is available at this point in time. We have to wait for a couple of years to find out how much all-electric Maserati Alfieri is going to cost and how far it is going to go on a single charge.