McLaren Partnering with Logitech for searching the world’s fastest gamer

McLaren Formula 1

The McLaren Formula One team recently announced that it team up with computer-accessory tech firm Logitech to create a new competition for virtual racers. The winner of ‘World’s Fastest Gamer’ competition would be offered a one-year contract for a racing game enthusiast to join the team as a simulator driver for the Formula One team. That is right: the game winner will earn a living racing in the virtual world. All stages of the ‘World’s Fastest Gamer’ competition will be shown on YouTube channel and social media for fans to follow. You can also review McLaren cars at

The competition is exactly as it sounds: those who feel up to the task will compete to become the best of the best across multiple racing platforms. Presumably, meaning that plenty of time with ‘Forza Motorsport’ and ‘Gran Turismo’. There must be a deserving prize for those willing to compete, right? ya.

McLaren Formula 1
McLaren Formula One

‘This is a hugely exciting opportunity – not only within the gaming industry, but for everyone at the McLaren and motorsport in general,’ said executive director McLren, Zak Brown. ‘We have long witnessed the growth of online sports gaming and, right now, the parallels between the virtual and the real worlds have never been closer’.

Zak Brown said that ‘This is the right time to be creating such a exciting and unique proposition; one that connects the worlds of racing and gaming in a way that’s never been explored before’.

Logitech didn’t say when the competition will begin, but we’ll likely find out more once the E3 2017 gaming convention is behind us this June. The company also did not provide any specifics about the job such as its remuneration or payment of expenses.