Renesas Announced 32-bit RH850/E1M-S2 MCUs: Automotive Powertrain Control Applications

renesas MCUs

Renesas, a prime supplier of semiconductor solution and the world’s number one supplier of microcontrollers (MCUs). Recently, display its new RH850/E1M-S2 32-Bit MCUs for automotive powertrain control applications that provide high performance and accelerate energy efficiency in industrial equipment and home appliances.

Renesas RH850/E1M-S2 has various key features, such as it has powertrain control systems by boosting processing performance to accommodate the enlarge number of calculations required, provides powerful security functionality to prevent unauthorized access to control systems, it has G3MH core that result in an improved engine control system responsiveness.

The new RH850/E1M-S2 are equipped with six Renesas Single Edge Nibble Transmission (SENT) channels compliant with the SENT communication standard for sensor data. MCUs support SENT to accommodates the expansion in the volume of data from the increasing number of sensors and the need for high-speed network to other vehicle control units accordingly.

The Renesas optical image stabilization (OIS) solution is based on Renesas’ OIS driver IC, that merge a CPU, a DSP, and peripheral parts in a single package, to minimize blurring into the image that improve the user experience and the Multi-Cell Fuel Gauge Technology for the longer battery time are two examples that will be top on the booth.

renesas MCUs

Renesas RH850/E1M-S2 are also equipped with large-capacity on-chip code flash and RAM. And being a board member of USB Implementers’ Forum (USB-IF) and long-time promoter company, Renesas provide solutions integrating USB PD implementation and best-in-class battery management technology.

RH850/E1M-S2 are available in the market and Mass production begin in September 2017, and renasas hope to reached a volume of 100,000 units per month by April 2018.