Safety Tech To Look for in Your Next Car

Safety Tech

As you’re exploring your options for a new car to keep you going strong down the road of life, be sure you pay close attention to the safety features that your favorite selections offer. While investing in a car with newer technology maximized for safety and making you a better driver may not have the sleek appearance of a more luxurious or “cool” vehicle, those features can potentially save your life, which is definitely more important. Here are specific safety features to make note of in your next set of wheels.

Adaptive Cruise Control

If you do a lot of traveling on the highway, then adaptive cruise control may very well become your favorite feature on your new car. The tech uses a combination of sensors and radar to gauge how far away the car in front of you is to determine when to apply the gas and when to brake, which can keep you from having to slam on the brakes or gun the acceleration more than necessary, which is a waste of gas. Know that adaptive cruise control is designed to tighten your seatbelt and brake if the sensors and radar detect a potential collision.

Forward Collision Warning

We’re all guilty of distracted driving, no matter how much we may try to curb our dangerous driving behaviors. To help with this, car manufacturers have designed what’s known as forward collision warning, which works by giving you a warning that the car in front of you has slowed down or stopped. Even if you aren’t distracted, you may drive behind a vehicle that doesn’t have properly working brake lights, which can also lead to an unnecessary accident.

Blind Spot Detection

No matter how well you may check your blind spot and mirrors before shifting lanes, there will be times when you miss a car driving next to you. With blind spot detection, you’ll have a second set of eyes looking out for you to better ensure that you aren’t found at fault for causing an accident. While research may not prop up all the upsides of having blind spot detection, you’re sure to agree that such a safety feature can bring you great peace of mind.

Lane Departure Warning

In rain and snow, it can be hard to remain in your lane. Lane departure warning is a car safety feature that can make this easier, giving you one less thing to worry about while navigating in low visibility. You’ll hear a warning, which may also be a vibration in your steering wheel, if you start to drift out of your lane. Another related feature, known as “lane keep,” will actually steer you back into your lane, which is good if you ever happen to fall asleep at the wheel. To keep the feature from becoming an accidental nuisance, be sure that you can shut it off if you like.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Parking lots can be some of the most dangerous places to drive, especially if you happen to share a lot with inattentive drivers and pedestrians. If your car has a rear cross-traffic alert, you’ll have an easier time determining when a car is approaching you as you’re backing out of your spot, which is good to have if your vehicle has blind spots around the rear windows. One thing to take note of with this particular feature is that it will only warn you of vehicles, or people, coming at you from the sides, not the rear.

Never forget how essential it is that you feel as safe as possible every moment that you’re behind the wheel. The above safety features may not be as exciting as a banging stereo system, but they can keep you from hearing the opening notes of an auto accident aria.