Tesla Model S Can Now Add A Glass Roof Option

tesla model S all glass roof

The electric car company, Tesla has announced a new roof option for the flagship Model S sedan, and it aims to remove all the barriers between passengers and the sky above: an all-glass roof. This new option is a $1,500 upgrade that will force would-be Tesla Model S sedan owners to choose between this new all-glass roof opt and the existing $2,000 panoramic roof opt that still looks undeniably beautiful, but comes out with a middle crossbar for support purposes.

tesla model S all glass roof
Glass Roof Option

If you are worried about how hot your car’s interior will get will all that glassy real estate, remember Tesla claims that their tinted glass blocks 98 percent of UV rays and 81 percent of heat, and drivers can always use their phone to turn on the AC before even get back to the car. As with most things Tesla, the company has recently created an in-house glass tech group to handle all the glass-related research and development for Tesla and SolarCity. When the Model 3 debuts next year, it’ll feature a similar glass roof over the cabin.

While Tesla says that ‘sky’s the limit’, with the new all-glass opt offering an ‘incredible view’ for those inside of the car, still, it definitely won’t appeal to all, and definitely will not be an opt for everyone. Anyone who needs a Tesla Model S that can be fitted with a roof rack, or who wants satellite radio, will need to opt for the panoramic roof opt.

Meanwhile Tesla has also quietly done away with Ludicrous Mode on the regular Model S. It’s now available only on the top-of-the-line P100D model.