4 External Accessories for Dressing Up the Outside of Your Chevy or GMC Truck

GMC Truck

These days, having a customized GMC or Chevy truck is something that most people want. However, many are unsure as to what parts are available or how to create a unique look. The good news is that there are many options out there to choose from that will not only make your truck look great, but can add enhanced functionality to your ride.

GMC Truck

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers not only provide a sleek and attractive look for your truck, it will also provide you with a way to transport items from one place to another without the fear of them becoming damaged or lost. The main benefit to using a tonneau cover is that you can protect various items from becoming damaged in the rain or being blown out of the bed.

External Steps

There are a variety of external steps you can add to your truck that make getting in and out of the cab or bed a cinch. Depending on your needs, external steps can be added as an attractive running board option along both sides of your truck or at the bumper. Either way, your truck will look great and offer greater accessibility.


Bedliners, by far, are the most popular addition for people who have trucks. Drop in bedliners generally come in two configurations: over the rail and under the rail. Over the rail bedliners provide exceptional protection against accidental scratches and dents both inside the bed as well as along the top edge of the bed. Under the rail bedliners provide the same protections, but allow for the addition of a tonneau cover as the top edge of the bed is left exposed. Either choice provides exceptional protection and provides visual contrast that looks great.

Brush Guards

Brush guards are metal frames that are attached to the front of your truck that are designed to protect your truck from scratches and dents if you find yourself having to drive through areas with dense foliage. Brush guards mount in such a way that they extend several inches farther than the nose of the truck so that branches and other hazards hit the brush guard first and are deflected before touching the truck. They also provide a rugged look for your GMC or Chevy truck.

And these exterior truck parts barely scratch the surface of what is available today. There are plenty of retail and online establishments, such as MKM Customs, that provide a wide selection of external accessories for your GMC or Chevy truck. The sky is the limit.