6 Ways to Market Your Business For Free

internet marketing

Far too often, small business owners and entrepreneurs leave marketing at the bottom of their priority list. In today’s world, there’s no reason to put off marketing – most of it can be done for free! Whether you’re going to handle it yourself or hire a Virtual Assistant to take over promotions, don’t miss out on these great ways to get your business out there.

internet marketing1. E-mail marketing is huge, despite the popularity of social media. You should always be building your e-mail list and sending out newsletters regularly. Every newsletter you send should have interesting or useful information. If you can offer freebies, even better – people are less likely to unsubscribe if they expect to get something for nothing every time you e-mail them.

2. Social media is an excellent way to learn more about your audience. Instead of spreading yourself too thin and wasting precious time, pick two or three social media platforms and don’t bother with the rest. For example, if you have a photo-heavy business, you definitely want to be on Pinterest and Instagram, but you can probably skip Facebook or Twitter.

3. In the past, keyword-stuffed articles were the way to go when it came to SEO. Today, organic search optimization is the better option. Instead of overloading a blog post or online article with unnatural keywords, write about a topic that closely relates to the product or service you’re selling – the keywords will wind up in the copy organically, which will help with your SEO while maintaining high quality.

4. Network, both in person and online. Sure, technology has made it a cinch to connect with people without ever actually meeting them face-to-face, but you should still get out there. Attend networking events, join LinkedIn groups, etc. You’ll be surprised how much more effective it is to network than to just cold e-mail potential clients.

5. Blog at least once a week. Websites that are constantly adding new content appears higher in search results. Plus, you can leverage your blog to gain more social media followers and to get people to signup for your mailing list.

6. Check out what your competitors are doing. What’s working? What doesn’t seem to be working? Learn from their accomplishments and mistakes – you’ll gain great insight into your audience and you’ll see the gaps that need to be filled in.