CallBlockers WorthYour Time


Everyone with a working phone has likely been a target by a cold call by any number of companies across the country. Even some overseas. Greeted with universal disdain, it’s easy to want a better solution for dealing with them. Technically they don’t do anything illegal, no matter how much you wish it was. Luckily, it turns out there are some nice people out there who hate them just as much as you do.

Remember that these callers are still human beings just trying to earn a living. It wouldn’t be recommended that you scream at them until they’re in tears or shaking with rage for the job they’re landed themselves in. Imagine in your job; you were screamed at constantly, threatened or being spoken to as if you were beneath filth. Not a pleasant thought is it?

Let’s even the playing field then. It turns out; you don’t have to let cold callers get their way. Nor do you have to turn into a psychopath. Welcome to the wonderful world of call blockers.

A call blocker, such as the Pro Call Blocker, is a surprisingly simple and effective device. You plug it into your mains phone line and then the incoming caller’s number is displayed on a screen. If you see a prefix (like 0845 for instance), you can then immediately press a button. With that done, the device then stores the number in memory and prevents the call from ever connecting to your phone again.

There are other methods that can help stop cold callers, such as signing up to the Telephone Preference Service. This service, which is opt-in for free, adds your phone number to a list that telemarketers cannot legally ring. It isn’t fool-proof though. Companies that don’t care about UK law (such as a foreign call centre) can still call you. Some in the UK can still call you, not caring about the law either (or their company image to the public). Also if you were subscribed to a service that warranted calls (like your bank) then they would still be able to get through.

This is why a call blocker is so useful. A company cannot circumvent their number being blocked as it is physically denied a connection to your phone (as long as you press the button). The level of effective control you get over who can and can’t ring your landline is by far the most effective method of saving your own breath, temper and time.

Below is a small selection of the options available to you. Grab a cup of tea and a comfy seat.


CPR Call Blocker.

Admittedly, any company claims to be the best. Boasting will naturally pull attention. But by most accounts, it’s justified. A non-intrusive and easy to set up device make this quite a useful choice for a powerful shield against the maelstrom of sales calls currently happening around the UK. The built in memory will prevent a colossal 1200 phone numbers from being able to reach you.
At the time of writing this article, the price sits at £39.99 as a one off payment. A reasonable price for the amount of power over your landline you get.

BT7600 Nuisance Call Blocker Trio.

A lot of shopping choices exist for chocolate or sweets because there are so many different tastes out in the world. Similarly, there are other options for blocking unwanted calls. The BT7600 has built in functionality that automates the call blocking process. You can store up to ten numbers to be permanently blocked as well as enable a setting that prevents anonymous and/or international calls. This is part of a complete phone package though so it’s understandable that it has a few limits. If like most people these days, you tend not to use a landline, it might be a good compromise for you to have a middleweight all-rounder to help you prevent the calls. The bundle of three phones (two wireless, one base unit) costs £69.99.

Pro Call Blocker.

Being relative newcomer to the call blocking market does not mean your position in the market is any weaker. Compared to the CPR Call blocker, this device already has 300 predetermined nuisance numbers blocked as well as spare room for a mammoth 1500 custom blocked numbers for your pleasure. Considering its more useful features, this unitonly costs £34.99 – that’s around £5.00 less for more features and functionality as compared to the CPR blocker, I know which one I would choose!


Whatever your choice you can have peace of mind knowing that your disrupted evenings are a thing of the past!