Do You Suffer From These Youtube Problems on Mobile?

youtube problem on mobile

Most people use their browser or a Youtube downloader to view their favourite Youtube videos, but these days more people than ever are using their mobile devices to access the website. In fact, 40% of the traffic on Youtube comes from mobile devices. Unfortunately, when using mobile technology to access this website some users find that problems arise.

This infographic shows some of the most common issues that mobile users face when they try to watch Youtube videos on their portable devices. For example, have you ever had the “Oops, Something Went Wrong” error message or had the Youtube app crash on a jailbroken phone? Do you get frustrated when the Youtube for Android app frequently crashes? If you have, this infographic will give you simple fixes for some of the most common Youtube mobile problems. It is easy to follow and the solutions can be implemented by anyone.

If any of these helpful Youtube mobile fixes have worked for you, share this infographic with your friends so that they can watch videos on their mobile devices too without these common problems occurring!

Youtube on the Go – An infographic by the team at youtubedownload

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