Embrace the Future of Photography!

Embrace the Future of Photography!

Technology is continually changing and it can be difficult to keep up especially when tried and trusted technology is revolutionised and the old forms become almost 100% obsolete. What do we do with our old VHS tapes, our vinyl discs, or our old photo collections?

Embrace the Future of Photography!

The chances are that, if you’ve been around for more than a couple of decades, you will have a rather large collection of physical photos. If you’re lucky enough to be younger than that you’ll probably have an even larger collection of photographs stored on a computer or up in the clouds!

The problem is that, although physical photos are great, it’s more versatile (and arguably safer) to have them on a computer or other storage device, so you can easily share them with friends and family and access them easily without having to rummage around in that shoebox up in the loft.

Finally there is a solution …

Did you know that there are companies thatcanconvert physical photos into digital files for you to store on your computer? They can easily scan old photos – enhancing them in the process – and send them back to you on a disc. They also offer negative photo scanning and slide scanning for people who still enjoy film photography, and upload them so you have full digital access.

Some of these companies will even go one step further and upload your photographs to a private cloud storage system as well as send you a copy of the photos on an archive disk that will be posted to your door – plus you can delete a small number of unwanted photos without paying for them!

How to display digital photographs

Now that you have your digital copies you don’t know what to do with them, right? Well, if you miss the days of displaying your photos on the walls and mantelpiece in the lounge, then digital picture frames are definitely worth checking out. They work with Wi-Fi, so you can easily display your photos all around your house, either static or in a slideshow format.

If you don’t like the idea of buying specific picture frames then you can just as easily use your existing tablet or touch screen device. Simply place it on the shelf somewhere when you have friends over and set your photos playing on an endless loop, or put them on a disk or stick and plug them into the TV to view them on the big screen – this is the perfect way to show off your holiday pics!

What to do with old physical photographs

Whilst some photographers still enjoy shooting film, most of us see physical photographs as a storage problem and something we only keep for nostalgic reasons. The other downside to physical photographs is that they can fade over time, are easily lost or destroyed, and are basically a pain to know what to do with. After all, it’s much better to convert them to digital where you can enjoy them without worrying about losing all those special memories!