Going Supersize? Find Out The Pros And Cons Of Buying An SUV


With so much choice on the used car market, it can often be difficult to decide what car to buy. But a lot of motorists are taking the plunge by upgrading to SUVs. These large vehicles are popular in North America. Should you consider getting one too?


The answer will depend on your specific wants and needs. Everyone has their own tastes and requirements for cars. Today’s blog post will give you a guide to the pros and cons of SUV buying and ownership. Keep reading to find out more…

Pro: they are big

I know I am stating the obvious, but SUVs are big vehicles! One thing that makes them attractive to buyers is the cavernous amount of space inside of them. You only have to head down to Saxton 4×4 and sit inside an Audi Q7, for instance, to see what I mean!

It’s not uncommon for many SUVs to be able to carry up to six passengers in superior comfort. And if you need to carry more cargo than passengers, the trunk of a typical SUV is pretty huge too.

Con: they are big

It might sound strange to some people, but the sheer size of many SUVs are the reason some folks find it hard to live with them. If you live somewhere like the United States, parking and driving an SUV isn’t much of a problem most of the time.

Head across the Atlantic to Europe, and such a car can be an absolute nightmare! Narrow country lanes and small parking spaces make it difficult to maneuver SUVs at the best of times.

Pro: they offer an excellent view around you

When you sit inside of an SUV, you will find that it’s easier to survey the world around you than in a car with a lower center of gravity.

That means you can spot any potential traffic problems from a distance. And it’s also good for spatial awareness too! A lot of SUV owners have told me they feel safer driving such cars because of this fact.

Con: they cost more to buy than most cars

For the most part, SUVs are usually marketed as mid-range and luxury cars depending on the make and model. As such, you will often have to pay more to buy a new or used SUV than you would most other cars.

Still, if you want a large vehicle that offers luxury and comfort, an SUV will be the way forward for you!

Pro: they are awesome for towing stuff

Own a trailer? Maybe you’re a horse fanatic and need to transport your horses? Whatever you need to tow, an SUV will have you covered!

Because of their size and powerful engines, SUVs will have no problem towing stuff. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see SUVs driving down the highway or going up roads with inclines, towing trailers.

Well, I hope these pros and cons will help you to decide whether an SUV is the best car for you or not. Good luck!