How iPads Are Improving Studying & Test Scores

iPads Are Improving Studying

When Apple first introduced the iPad, we weren’t sure what to do with it. It wasn’t a smartphone, but it wasn’t a laptop either. Did we really need another electronic device like this? Well, it turns out that this tablet device has been incredibly powerful. And not just in our day-to-day lives, but in the education of our children. We know that a lot of parents worry about the reliance and obsession with technology these days. Is it healthy for our children? Is it an effective learning tool? Well, according to research and data, the iPad is incredibly effective. Let’s take a deeper look.

iPads Are Improving Studying

Students with access to an iPad scored 23% higher on tests

According to a study run with medical students, those with access to an iPad did better in their exams. 23% better in fact. It’s clear that this technology is actively helping students in the studies and revision. Perhaps it’s the improved efficiency, or perhaps it’s the engagement in technology. Either way, it’s hard to argue with statistics like this. Whether you agree with iPads in the classroom or not, it’s a clear step forward.


iPads make teaching more efficient

The best thing about equipping students with iPads is the efficiency. 64% of college students agree that using an iPad helps them study more efficiently. On top of the impressive test results, students are actively responding well to them. Rather than distract them with games and social media, the devices appear to be focusing them. They have information on tap, and an easy way to store notes, lessons, and topics. Most students find this much better than archiving paper notes in files and binders.

iPads are more engaging for this generation

Whether we – as parents – like it or not, our children have grown up with technology. iPads, smartphones, and instant internet access is part of their world. And it has been since a young age. They are proficient with this technology in a way that some parents will never be. Students engage more with educational games and apps than they do a blackboard. They are more engaged with these devices, simply because they grew up with them.


There are hundreds of study and learning apps

Far from becoming a distraction and procrastination tool, iPads are brilliant for active learning. Children and students have never had such fantastic access to learning tools. The app store ranks the best revision apps, and students can browse through their favourites. Each app is tailored to different styles of learning, so students can find the best techniques for them.

Information at the touch of a button

The instant internet access on an iPad makes research significantly more efficient (and accurate). Rather than leafing through library text-books for answers, students can find everything they need online. Again, this is another example of increased efficiency and learning capabilities. Nowadays, college tutors upload their entire lesson plans online too. They are quickly and easily accessed using an iPad, putting all the essential info at the touch of a button.

It’s clear that iPads will play a big role in the future of teaching and studying. What are your thoughts on this, readers?