How To Run A Projection System Off Your Tablet


Tablets have begun to relegate PC computers and Laptops to sleep mode, or power off. Regardless of where you look, you will see people enjoying their 7 inch to 10 inch tablets, as they accomplish a variety of day to day tasks. However, presenting is one area that draws users away from their tablets. This is why you will find executives, students, engineers, and most other people, dragging their laptops or ultrabooks along on presentation days. The good news is that, depending on the tablet you are using, linking up to a projector shouldn’t be a problem.

TabletThere are two main ways to project your tablet screen on to a bigger screen.

  1. Using your HDMI port
  2. Using wireless projection systems

Using your HDMI port

Most of the tablets in the market have HDMI ports to help you hook up, and some ship with the HDMI cables in the box when you purchase. If you don’t have the cable, jump online, or head down to any computer shop.

You can then head to the presentation with your cable, and when needed, you can simply connect the tablet to the projector with the cable. Give it a few minutes for sync to complete and you will see your tablet screen on the display. The drivers for the majority of the popular projectors are already preinstalled on most Business Android and iOS tablets, so you need not worry about compatibility in most cases.

Using wireless projection systems

Wireless projection systems, as provided by companies like UK supplier Videonations, are the craze of the moment. These have made meetings easier, and more interactive, for businesses, schools, guest speakers and many other groups. For your tablet to work with these systems, you simply need to attach a transmitter, normally a USB device, and your screen will be captured by the wireless presentation system receiver and transferred to the screen.

The receivers for these systems are compatible with all kinds of screens, and often come with automatically adjustable resolutions, making for an extremely straight forward set up process. You can also take along a portable Hi-Fi sound systemto connect up if you need great sound quality.

When you are preparing for a presentation with your tablet, simply ask the organisers, or the hosts, what options are available to you. If they offer HDMI connectivity, arrive a little early to test your tablet with the projector provided. If they have wireless presentation system (WPS), you can enjoy seamless projection on the day of the presentation thanks to the plug-and-play nature of this technology.

A Word of Warning

Keep an eye on the battery of your tablet when running projections off of it. You don’t want the screen to go dark in the middle of your presentation. Charge the tablet fully, and resist the temptation of surfing the web on your commute. You may think “the presentation won’t take long”, but keep in mind that projection takes an awful lot of power from your tablet. Unless you intend to plug in to a power source, you should be very mindful of your battery life.