Industrial Toys: Unique Technology That Can Change Our Businesses

business technology

When you’re a successful business that wants an edge on the competition, you will undoubtedly turn to unique solutions that are on the cusp of futuristic advances. Whenever a new technological advancement is made, we as humans love to twist it to serve our entertainment needs. Whether it’s virtual reality or high-speed engines, we can find some way to utilise that technology to create something fun.

business technology
Business technology

However, the same is also true for business. Whenever there’s an innovation, there’s a link to how it can create more money in the form of business applications. Let’s take the smartphone, for example. Once hailed as a revolution in mobile technology, it has now become a mobile workstation that many companies hand out to their employees for the sake of staying connected to the business at all times. They’re able to receive assignments and finish tasks while on the move as well, effectively creating a mobile employee that can work from anywhere.

But smartphones are an invention that has been around for the past decade. What about modern technologies? Read on to find out how some recent innovations have made their way into the mainstream.


Have you ever seen those amazing scenic shots of landscapes, buildings and rivers that look like they’ve been taken from a camera strapped onto a bird? Well, you’re not far off. Video and photo production companies employ the use of drones to take incredibly detailed photos from impossible angles and heights. The best quality drones at Coptrz could change the way you see content creation thanks to their versatility and sturdiness.

They can be linked with smartphones and other wireless devices to create video feeds so you can see the view from the drone itself. You can control them using controls on the ground, and you can mount them with expensive recording equipment to take breathtaking shots from high altitudes. If you’re operating some form of creative design firm, then a drone will be an invaluable investment.

Augmented Reality

While virtual reality has taken the spotlight among entertainment enthusiasts, augmented reality is the next frontier of digital advertising for businesses. Augmented reality requires a viewing device such as a phone camera or glasses. However, the applications are almost limitless and there are some incredibly creative ways to utilise AR in the future. While the technology isn’t completely finished, the number of ideas floating around marketing departments and research teams are getting many people excited.

Where advertising comes in is the potential for digital billboards. Since augmented reality can scan a surface and place digital data through a viewing screen, it means that a billboard could advertise different things depending on who looks at it and with what device. Let’s say you’re driving past a digital billboard and you’ve been looking for places to eat on your phone. Your car’s network could pick up that you’re hungry judging by your browsing history, and the digital billboard could advertise a local spot to eat instead of something like a car. There are countless opportunities for augmented reality to merge with business, and the possibilities are exciting, to say the least.