Learn How To Get Faster Mobile Broadband By Following These Tips

Lumia 930

When you are out and about there will be times where you need to go online using your smartphone. You might need to send and receive emails. Or even surf the World Wide Web to get a quick answer to a question you might be pondering.

Lumia 930

A lot of folks will also use their smartphones to visit social media sites like Facebook. And also for watching videos on YouTube, for example. You might assume that, in 2014, we would all have access to superfast mobile broadband. The reality is somewhat different to the dream; I’m afraid.

Are you one of the many people that has to suffer from mediocre mobile broadband speeds? If so, today’s blog post will help you to boost those slow speeds.

Clear your caches

Smartphones work in a similar way to conventional computer software. They store or “cache” data that seldom changes to speed things up. The web browser apps in smartphones are one prime example of this.

The trouble with smartphone caches is that you can’t usually optimize these caches. It’s often the case that caches grow to such a size that the app has no choice, but to slow down when it gets used.

When you surf the web using a web browser app on your smartphone, its built-in cache can slow web browsing speeds to a crawl. There are two clever ways to get around this problem:

  1. Clear your cache. If you use an Apple iPhone, you have to go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data;
  2. Run your web browser in privacy mode. In Safari, tap the icon to open a new window and then tap on the word “Private” at the bottom. If you use another app like Google Chrome, use its “Incognito Mode” feature to do the same thing.

Note: option two above doesn’t save any cookies or temporary files to your smartphone’s cache. The only downside, in some respects, is that it won’t save your browsing history either.

Upgrade to 4G

In some parts of the world, 4G is also known as LTE. It is a newer standard of the 3G technology that enables smartphones to send and receive data at high speeds. If high-speed mobile Internet is important to you, this might be the way forward.

Of course, not all areas are 4G-enabled. Before you upgrade to a 4G contract and handset, check with your network provider about 4G availability in your area. As a rule of thumb, you are more likely to get 4G if you live near or in a major town or city.

A few months ago I upgraded to a 4G contract. As I already have a 4G-enabled smartphone, I didn’t need to upgrade that too. The difference in speed between 3G and 4G is amazing! At the time, I had ADSL broadband at home (I’m now on fiber, in case you were wondering).

The 4G speeds I was getting on my smartphone were similar to the highest speeds I could get on my home broadband – around 20Mb! Of course, if I go outside and use my mobile broadband the speeds are even higher.