Maintaining Your Classic Car

If you own a classic car, you probably know that there are things that you need to maintain in order to keep the car in proper running condition. Older cars often require special fluids so that everything runs as it should. If you follow a few simple steps, you can ensure that your car will be on the road as long as possible. Most mechanics offer classic car services if you aren’t sure how to care for the vehicle.

Classic Car maintenance
Most classic cars have a large motor, making them powerful while driving. You need to use the proper oil in the cars as well as the correct transmission fluid so that there isn’t any damage to the gears. If you keep a regular maintenance schedule, then you shouldn’t have any issues with the fluids in the car as the mechanic can examine the car for any leaks or usage of the fluids. Avoid using some of the additives that claim to keep the car running longer by repairing leaks and breaks. These will often cause more damage than they will help the car. As the car gets more miles, you need to change the kind of fluids that are used that are specific for higher mileage vehicles. These fluids aren’t as harsh on the parts and will keep them lubricated.

Examine the brakes on the car after you drive for an extended period of time. About 5,000 miles is a good estimate for looking at the brakes unless you notice any kind of odd sounds that are coming from the pads. Rotate the tires when you get the oil changed. This will keep one tire from getting uneven wear and tear. If you notice that one tire does show excessive wear compared to the other tires, then you should consider having the car aligned. Any sounds coming from the axles need to be examined. Maintain the paint on the car by using a wax coat when you wash the car. Use the wax coat once every six months for the best results possible. Avoid parking the car in direct sunlight as much as possible to decrease any damage to the paint. A car cover is a good investment for classic cars as it will protect the exterior of the vehicle.

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