Reaching for the Science in Stars


As children, we cherish dreams of grandeur. It’s expected and encouraged for kids to embrace their wildest ambitions, believing that they can truly become anything they set their mind to. As we age, it’s natural for the visions we once held dear to lose their luster, but we should never give up on the things we’re passionate in, even if they feel as far away as distant galaxies, girdled by plumes of stardust.


Science is one subject that a lot of children are gripped by. If you had an energetic teacher, they likely invigorated your thirst for the world around you, encouraging you to explore and become invested in new ideas and concepts for a better world. This thirst is what spurs so many people to become scientists, and there are nearly limitless directions one may take on such a career path.

One of the most spirited options is likely astronomy. There’s seldom a child who didn’t dream of becoming an astronaut at least once, and the fact that science-fiction is such a popular and expansive genre for film, books and other media, further proves that we hold onto these dreams as adults.

While we may have mastered the art of flying through clouds, blazing trails through space is certainly a more tricky endeavor. A lot of safety precautions have prevented astronauts and cosmonauts from completing certain missions, and there is a great deal of studying and training required if one hopes to pilot a space shuttle one day.

However, with passion and dedication, anything is possible. After acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree and scoring some aviation experience in the military, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pilot in the deep, black abyss of space. Of course, not all astronauts need to be pilots, and there’s in fact a variety of niches that scientists can fulfill in space programs.

If you’re invested in astronomy, there are certainly other avenues of science you can reach for, and many esteemed medical practitioners and professors have devoted much of their lives to studying biology and physics. So whether you’d rather teach science or help develop a cure for the common cold, there’s bound to be something in the field that interests you.

If you’re currently in the industry or studying to be, equipment from companies like Scienscope International will also help you make the discoveries you yearn for most.