Self-Defense Techniques: Knife and Handgun Defense Techniques

As the numbers of assaults nationwide continue to rise, knowing appropriate self-defense techniques is vital to your wellbeing. Several defense tips, with both a knife and a handgun, have been listed below to help you stay safe.

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Taken from various accredited sources, such as the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, the following techniques have been proven to be successful.


The stance of a knife fighter is crucial to obtain a successful outcome. If the defendant’s posture is not sufficiently defensive, he or she can be killed within the first five seconds. The stance recommended by the United States Marine Corps is commonly referred to as the triangle stance. The defendant stands with his or her armed hand in a slightly tense position by the side of the body and the unarmed hand in front of the chest. This hand will protects the abdomen and the solar plexus and can easily move up to protect the head and throat if necessary. The defendant should be mentally prepared to sacrifice this hand to defend vital organs if necessary. In the movies, the defender typically has his or her hand up and forward. This posture is a mistake, as the vital organs are left vulnerable.


Hold the knife naturally, in the manner you naturally tend to hold it immediately after drawing it from the sheath. The reverse grip typically gives you less power.


The carotid arteries in the neck, the torso, the aorta and the groin region are the primary targets. Extremities are secondary targets. Cuts to these regions will cause severe bleeding, but will not immediately drop the opponent.



The best handgun stance is the Modified Isosceles position. The defendant stands with his or her arms in a natural fighting position. While some people argue that the Weaver or Isosceles position is optimal, every person on earth defaults to the Modified Isosceles position when startled.


The two-handed grip is recommended for optimum accuracy. The defendant grips the weapon in a natural one-handed position and wraps his or her other hand around the other side of the gun. This grip is known as the fist grip.


The chest should be the primary target. If the opponent is wearing body armor, the head is the primary target.


The storage of your firearm is very important. Storage keeps your weapon in a controlled environment and also keeps it out of the hands of the curious. You can learn here about gun storage options.

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