Should You Move Your Website To Cloud Hosting?

Website To Cloud Hosting

Hosting may seem like one of those very basic decisions you make at the start of setting up a new website or online venture. You choose a host, get the site set up, and then just stay with them as long as there are no problems. However, it can be beneficial to reconsider your hosting every now and again to ensure you are always getting the best technological solution for the best price.

Website To Cloud Hosting

If like many website owners, you set up your existing business site or blog on a good value shared hosting deal, you may be wondering about all the buzz currently surrounding cloud hosting. Could cloud hosting give your visitors a better service, make your site more flexible and maybe even save you money? Here, we take a look.

How Cloud Hosting Works

Cloud hosting works in a very similar way to the shared hosting you are familiar with. There are networked servers which balance the sites they host, allowing your site to get the resources it needs to function properly. However, with the cloud, everything is a bit more advanced. You don’t risk running out of server resources if your site has a spike in usage, and there is no real limit to how much you can use in terms of memory. The cloud allocates resources in real time, so your site is stable no matter how much its services are in demand.

This is good, for obvious reasons. The main difference for you as a consumer is that in general, you pay for your cloud hosting by paying for what you have actually used each month, rather than fixed rate hosting. You get a more stable, flexible site which is comfortable on all kinds of devices, but if usage blows up, you will be landed with a bigger bill.

In practice, this hardly ever happens, and if your site is commercial, a spike like this will likely be accompanied by enough profits that you would happily swallow an increase in hosting costs. For a non profit site with a large chance of success, however, it may be something you want to consider before switching. Click here to see some of the different alternatives available when looking for a good hosting solution.

So Is It A Good Time to Change?

Cloud hosting is almost certainly the way things are going in the web hosting world, and you may well find that a cloud package is a more comfortable and flexible solution for your own site. It removes a lot of the limitations of shared hosting, and is also more affordable than dedicated server hosting for most ventures. If you are completely happy with your current hosting then there is no reason to rush into a change, but when your contract comes up for renewal it can often be worth checking out the other options available, just as you might with something like your car insurance. Shopping around rather than remaining unnecessarily loyal to an incumbent provider can often yield savings and a better service, so it is always wise to check the market once in a while!