Tech Trends Helping Companies Improve Customer Engagement

Tech Trends Helping Companies Improve Customer Engagement

Businesses have always turned to technology to improve their performance in all kinds of areas. And one growing part of the business world that is changing rapidly right now is marketing, and, in particular, customer engagement. Consumer technology has changed such a lot in the past twenty years or so, and the impact it has had on businesses is only just starting to be realised. Today’s marketers are all about engaging their customers – and here are some tech trends that you should be considering for your business.

Tech Trends Helping Companies Improve Customer Engagement

Smartphone penetration

Let’s face it, 95% of the people you know are likely to own a smartphone right now. And this level of penetration is something that is revolutionary regarding marketing opportunities. These days, you don’t have to rely on billboards, radio or TV ads, or direct mail to engage potential consumers. You can now go straight to the source, as most people carry their smartphones with them at all times. Everything from smart, savvy advertising through to service apps is possible for businesses – it’s a different level of access to the consumer altogether.

Democratisation of video

Companies providing video services for their customers are an increasingly common sight these days. Whereas in the past, videos and movie making were expensive and time-consuming, it’s just not the case anymore. As the Iris live video service points out, organisations are able to create, manage and publish user generated content with ease in these modern times. Video is, in short, being democratised, and it is more affordable now than it ever has been – even for small companies and startups.

Social media

Marketers and business owners are placing an increasing amount of importance on social media’s ability to engage customers. While the evidence doesn’t quite point to social media being the leverage many people think it is, some savvy marketers are making a substantial impact with the various platforms that exist.


Lots of retailers are taking a close look at the impact of beacons – small transmitters which can interact directly with smartphones carried by customers in-store. Essentially, it enables businesses to pinpoint a shopper’s location and send notifications to tempt them with special offers, deals, or discounts. Interestingly, some companies are using these beacons with a wider radius – extending outside of the shop walls. It can encourage passers-by to pop into the store when they might have just walked by.

Live chat

On the face of things, technology such as Live Chat can seem intrusive. But if you have customers visiting your website and they are looking for help or assistance, they are the only way of engaging them in their hour of need. Companies can manage customer queries, ease any concerns about making a purchase, and instantly start to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with consumers and visitors.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing ways that technology can help your business engage better with your customers and clients. Could you take advantage of any of these methods for your company? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!