Tech Upgrades Too Expensive? Let Your Tech Pay for Itself

Making Money With Your Phone

Tech can be expensive—no one can deny that. Phones and computers cost extreme amounts of money and they usually need to be upgraded every year or two. As a result, they can become very costly expenses that require maintenance, upgrading, accessories and repairs.

But they don’t have to be a burden to our wallet. Did you know that you can use your technology to save money and even make money? There are hundreds of unique ways to make extra cash from your smart devices or computer, and here are just a few of those ingenious methods to generate profit from your expensive technology.

Making Money With Your Phone

Making Money With Your Phone

For such small devices, there’s a lot of technology packed into each and every smartphone. From playing games to reading maps, we use our phones for many things and they can end up draining our battery as well as our money. But did you know that there are a couple of apps you can download on both Android and iOS devices that let you save and make money?

There are apps that let you redeem gift cards, coupons and raffle tickets by answering questions, watching videos and referring your friends. You accumulate points by doing simple everyday activities and reap the benefits over time. You can also download apps that ask you to answer surveys, and each one pays a bit of money. Instead of playing a mobile game while you’re on your daily commute, answer some paid surveys to get a bit of extra cash. Some apps even swap your phone’s lock screen with advertisements, and you get paid for just having them there whenever you wake up your phone or unlock it.

Extra Cash From Your Laptop

Your laptop computer is a pandora’s box of possibilities that are just waiting to be discovered. Whether you have a top-end gaming laptop or an office one that your boss gave you for work, there are a couple of ways to accumulate some extra cash for your daily expenses.

Firstly, the internet opens you up to a plethora of different offers and deals. For example, Maria’s Campaign lets you enter a competition to win money as long as you have an account on their website, and you could also play the other games on their website in hopes of winning an extra bit of cash. You also have access to coupon websites that let you search for your favourite stores to find discount deals on almost anything. These can range from 10% offers across the store to staggering 50% off specific items. It’s a good idea to search the internet for deals and buy things that you need, as opposed to paying full price for items on a website like Amazon or other online retailers.

You can also look for deal websites where people share amazing offers that they find in various online or brick and mortar stores. You can contribute if you want, but most people go on these websites to look for offers on expensive items like electronics or bulk-buy everyday essentials.