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Sphero App-Enabled BB-9E Droid Comes Out With Droid Trainer


Sphero’s back to making Star Wars toys. To mark the upcoming release of The Last Jedi, the company is introducing a BB-8 counterpart: BB-9E, a dark droid from the new movie. It works in the same way Sphero’s BB-8 toy does; users can drive BB-9E around, watch Star Wars movies with it (the droid doesn’t […]

8Bitdo NES30 Bluetooth Arcade Stick Work With Nintendo Switch, Computers and Android

8Bitdo NES30 Bluetooth Arcade Stick,

If you are looking for a little more arcade experience to your Nintendo switch, look no further than 8Bitdo’s NES30 Arcade Stick. The Bluetooth controller accent is well suited with a number structures besides the Switch, and it is a nicely-made gadget with careful interest paid to how buttons and the joysticks feel, giving an […]

Overwatch Nendoroid Tracer Action Figure Should Be An Ideal Addition In Your Showcase

A latest line of Overwatch action figures are inside the works at japanese toymaker Good Smile business enterprise. The collectible action figure manufacturer has signed a deal with Blizzard to bring Overwatch characters to its line of lovely Nendoroid toys and exceptionally articulated Figma action figures. The first Overwatch character coming from Good Smile organisation […]

McLaren Partnering with Logitech for searching the world’s fastest gamer

McLaren Formula 1

The McLaren Formula One team recently announced that it team up with computer-accessory tech firm Logitech to create a new competition for virtual racers. The winner of ‘World’s Fastest Gamer’ competition would be offered a one-year contract for a racing game enthusiast to join the team as a simulator driver for the Formula One team. […]

Building A Gaming Rig

Building A Gaming Rig

So, you want to get into PC gaming? There are plenty of options for you then! You can use your pre-existing laptop or desktop, you can buy a gaming PC from any number of manufacturers, or you can build your own. For value and power – building your own gaming PC is the best option […]

3 Wonderful Benefits of Online Gaming

star wars battlefront

Gaming these days is such a fun and popular pastime, and it’s growing in stature every year. People are finding more and more ways to get maximum satisfaction from the process of gaming. And these days, people are exploring the wonderful world of online gaming. So, why is this so popular, and what can you […]

PS4 Pro Will Be Available On 10 November & Will Cost $399


Sony took the wraps off its PlayStation 4 Pro, and it packs an intriguing amount of power and features unforeseen in the console world. It is a more powerful PS4 that will support 4K and HDR. It will cost $400 and be out on November 10. It’s intended to be sold alongside the base PlayStation […]

How the Internet Helps Us Enjoy Gaming More


It’s pretty clear that the world of gaming has been altered by the internet. And this doesn’t just apply to online gaming. Any types of games we enjoy to play have been transformed by the power and influence of the internet. There are so many ways we can boost our gaming experiences by going online. […]

Is It Time You Joined The PC Gaming Collective?


PC gaming is going through a renaissance. All of a sudden, it’s seen as the go-to platform for gaming. And it’s taken on an air of luxury that it just didn’t have in the past. It’s all being driven, of course, by the vast differences in user experience between PCs and consoles. Both the current […]

The Positive Effects Of Video Gaming On Children


You don’t have to trawl through any newspaper to hear about the adverse impact of video games on children. And every time there is a terrible incident – such as a high school shooting – you can bet that ‘violent video games’ will always get a mention. But is this the case? The good news […]

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