Heat Genius – Control Your Heating System By Your Smartphone


Smart heating systems are all the rage these days. Every home should have one. But it’s only when you start using something. Heat Genius for several months that you realize just how wasteful your old, dumb central heating can be. A smart thermostat like Nest gives you more control. It learns and adapts to your occupancy schedule, adjusting your home’s heating accordingly, and it also enables you to without any kind of wire control your home’s temperature remotely.



Heat Genius gives you unprecedented control over your heating system, so much so that you will find yourself playing with the app every chance you get for the first few weeks, checking the temperature/occupancy charts and fiddling with the timer schedules accordingly. Every so often you come across a new technology that significantly upgrades a particular experience. You know them when you use them – an MP3 player instead of a Walkman, TiVo instead of a VCR, the iPhone. You can add intelligent central heating systems like Heat Genius to that list.

Do not underestimate how useful it is to be able to control your heating remotely; and, with its intelligent Footprint mode and smart plug support, Heat Genius moves into smart home territory.


Once the controller and the Hub have been installed, this basic setup enables you to set a timed seven-day heating schedule via a sky-blue web app on the Heat Genius website, or using the HG mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The app enables you to specify a default temperature for your house, or add a series of Heating Periods and temperatures that suit your schedule for example, switching the heating on in the morning, off when you go out to work, and back on again in the evening. Designed and built in the UK, Heat Genius is a modular system that can be augmented to control your heating, hot water and even plug-in appliances/devices.

Final Decision

You can start with the basics, and add to it over time as and when you need more functionality. But even the starter configuration is streets ahead of any dumb heating controller you might currently have. It is not the sexiest of upgrades, but this is the future of home heating. It isn’t genius, it’s ingenious.