Make The Most of Your Media Room

Media Room

Incorporating a media room into your living space is increasingly popular. Whether you are building from scratch or undergoing a renovation, ensure you get the most of your media and audio experience.

Media Room

Plan the purpose

Deciding where your space will be is a major consideration. If you are building from scratch then you can incorporate your room any. The first question to ask is what exactly the room is for. The answer may seem obvious to you, but it pays to define exactly what you want.

For example is your room intended to be a dedicated home cinema? It may be that you want to have a mixture of uses. You might also consider your requirements if you want to have more of an office style computer suite, or you wish to focus on gaming.  Finally, there are more general options that combine the use of a lounge style room with the potential for all of the above.  Understanding your needs will allow you to move forward into the next phase

Design the Room.

Layout is vital. A dedicated media room is the chance to put in the cabling and power points you need before you start dealing with the speakers and system. You don’t want to be compromised by badly located sockets. You will have to think about the technical side of things. You might find you want to incorporate a wireless network extension or even use wireless speakers. An Apple TV connected to a Mac mini has proved to be a brilliant home entertainment combination. Seek professional advice from experts at Mac repairs. They can upgrade your technology easily if necessary. Make sure your cabling is buried and fitted in before the insulation and dry walls go up. It is much easier to have spare channels put in now than to rip out walls later.

It’s all about the sound.

You’ll want to keep unwarranted sound out, as well as making the most of the sound inside the room. Acoustics are paramount to recreate that surround sound cinema feel. A room underneath a children’s bedroom is not ideal and you may need to consider insulating the floor above your space.

Turn your attention to the walls around you. Use acoustic plasterboard at the very least. This will suppress echo and reflect sound transmission. In essence painted walls will reflect sound and you want walls that will absorb it. You could consider acoustic paneling, which could have a warm and rich look and feel. Fabric covered acoustic panels work very well and can look sumptuous.

Get comfortable

Choose chairs that will allow you to make the most of your experience. Padded upholstered chairs not only feel fantastic but they will absorb sound. Do you want to have rows of seating?  If so you’ll have to think about installing tiers. Why not choose chairs that can recline and have arm rests? Fitted cup holders are a great idea for preventing spills.


Another aspect of your media room that needs close attention.  Layered lighting can allow you to use the room for other purposes. Ideally you’ll be able to install dimmable overhead lighting. You might consider having your light around the perimeter of the room, so as to reduce the possibility of glare on the screen. LED strip lights on the floor can be subtle but effective guides.

With these basics in place you’ll be able to focus your attention on the audio visual system or gaming console that suits your needs. You’ll be able to relax knowing that you can make the most of your new media  audio room experience.