OLED 65EG9600 By LG – Glimpse Of Beautification


OLED TV is the technology of the future but with the curved 65-EG-9600 its here and available now, even in 4K UHD resolution. Only Sony and Samsung’s very best, top of the line 4K full local dimming models can come close to matching OLED TVs. LG’s new 4K line of OLED TVs won our Best of CES 2015 awards for best picture in the market.



Display Quality

When you view an 65-EG-9600 next to a 4K LED TV, the first thing you notice is the immense and infinite black levels of the OLED TV. Yes, 4K LED TVs can still pump out a brighter picture due to amped up LED back-lights, but it’s no comparison in depth of blacks. Now for review, you video philes know that brighter LED back-lights in the store can look great, but get it home in a lamp-lit room and you start to see all the flaws (and turn down the back-light setting). You also remember that deeper black levels create colors that pop more and more contrast on the screen. Essentially to make my point simple, black levels win out over brightness in picture quality performance importance. OLED TV wins out easily against 4K LED in this very important category.

Ingeniously Simple

OLED pixels are self-lighting, meaning they can switch on and off individually. This enables a bright, crisp picture with true blacks, for infinite contrast. And without the need for a backlight, LG OLED TV offers this amazing picture in a chassis that is remarkably thin and light.

Ultra Clarity

LG ULTRA HD TVs contain 8.3 million pixels, so their resolution is four times that of Full HD. The result? Breathtaking clarity and fine picture details that will amaze, even when viewed up close.


LG’s 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel to the more conventional three colors (red, green and blue) that enhances both the range and accuracy of colors. This considerably improves the OLED pixels’ ability to express realistic colors and represents a giant step ahead of traditional LCD television.


Design & Appearance

As discussed above, I don’t believe you should curve an OLED TV since there are no side angle viewing issues. The design of the 65-EG-9600 is called “floating curved” for the clear plexi stand mount. It’s very attractive and the panel itself is beautiful with a minimal frame and extra thin panel depth except for the bottom cavity which houses boards and speakers.

Value is the big question with these new 4K OLED TVs. LG has a slew of new 4K LED back-lit LCD TVs for the year which keeps the prices of these highly desirable OLED TVs high.