Panasonic Developed PA-N Relay: To Enhance Energy Efficiency

panasonic PA relay

Panasonic recently announced that they developed the “PA-N Relay” for helping the programmable logic controllers manufacturer to develop product that meet new safety standards and also used to control production facilities at the factories.

panasonic PA relay


The PA-N Relay achieves a high breakdown voltage of 3,000 V (Panasonic is conventional product*: 2,000 V) , as well as showing excellent shock resistance that control malfunction of industrial equipment and contribute to improved reliability and safety and low power consumption. It is expected to assist Programmable Logic Controllers manufacturers to develop products that are fully compatible with the new standards.

PA-N Relay Shock resistance is147 m/s² and it reduction of coil power consumption by approximately 10 percent from the level of Panasonic’s conventional product contributes to the enhancement of energy efficiency and performance of industrial equipment. Its Power consumption is 110 mW, Panasonic’s conventional product contributes 120 mW/ 180 mW.

In simple word it is used to enhance the energy efficiency of industrial equipment further, Panasonic decreased the relay’s coil power consumption to 110mW, 10% less than previous iterations. It Clearance is 2.36 mm, Creepage distance is 3.05 mm (Dimensions is 5.0 x 20 x 12.5 mm).

It also features Sufficient insulation distance between the contact and the coil:
Clearance is min 5.29 mm, Creepage distance is min 5.35 mm (Dimensions: 5.0 x 20 x 12.5 mm).

Changes are planned to be made to the European IEC standards and the UL standards of the US to impose further safety requirements on programmable logic controller, such as securing better insulation to prevent accident.