Panasonic TX-50CX700B UHD LED TV With Impressive 4K Resolution


The TX-50CX700B is one of the most curious TVs in quite an unassuming way. It has a obscurely metallic silver sheen and the TV is supported on two blade feet so thin, that you can barely see them when you are looking at the set straight on. With its great picture quality, polished upscaling and the Firefox OS is amazingly great, alongside an impressive number of picture and smart TV specialties.


Sound & 3D picture Quality

They sound a little harsh, crowding the middle range and failing to find any extra power or headroom when a dense sound-stage shifts up a gear or two. There is no great amount of bass to underpin the action either. This is the weakest part of the TX-50CX700B’s functioning. Whenever you drive its speakers hard with a raucous action scene, they struggle to keep up.

It is also noticeable that the TX-50CX700B’s 3D pictures do not look nearly as sharp and detailed as we have seen them look on some rival 4K UHD TVs. In fact, they look sub HD overall. The TX-50CX700B is, in the main, a lot of fun in 3D mode. Cross-talk ghosting noise and flicker, two very common issues associated with the active 3D technology this TV employs, are both handled well for such an affordable set.


If you are up-scaling from HD, we would suggest using the Res Remaster specialty on its ‘middle’ setting, since ‘high’ can cause the picture to look gritty. Anything lower leaves a slightly soft impression. The TX-50CX700 is fairly straightforward to set up. We think this is chiefly because its core panel is much better than those the brand has been using on some of its previous models. It is able to support a much wider range of setup “tastes”, without impacting certain aspects of the picture negatively.


The combination of rich contrast of  TX-50CX700B, excellent color and strong smart specialties make it extremely good value to anyone after a 4K resolution capable TV on a budget.