Qi Iron Stand Wireless Charger By Choetech: Charge At Any Angle


The Iron Stand from Choetech is a great idea, propping up your phone and allowing you to wireless-ly charge it in any orientation while you sit back and enjoy a video. It is now simple to throw down your phone and pick it up fully charged, without having to muff around plugging in and unplugging cables.


This is a great thing by making it easy to quickly pick up the device, and putting your phone’s screen rather than the charger on display. The stand is just over four inches tall, which means it’ll sit short of most smartphones in portrait mode, and they will overhang at the edges in landscape mode.

The inductive technology is built into the front, but all you see is a mirror-finish charging plate that is nearly as large as the stand itself. 4 LEDs and a Micro-USB port are found on the right side. This Choetech Iron Stand eliminates this problem by building in not one but three induction coils.


  • Qi Wireless Charging Pad
  • Stand Design
  • Charging Distance 0-5mm
  • Input 5V/1.5-2A
  • Output 5V/1A, 5W
  • Conversion Proficiency 75%
  • 3 coils (works in portrait and landscape mode)
  • 5.2×3.2×4.1in
  • 172g
  • 12-Month Warranty

This means you can place your phone in any position on the stand portrait or landscape, upright or upside down and it’ll charge. The second issue is that wireless charging is much slower than charging in the traditional manner, and especially so if your device supports Quick Charge. That is because the standard is limited to 5W.

The LEDs will flash to let you know power has been connected, but glow a constant blue while wireless charging occurs.


Choetech Iron Stand isn’t just a wireless charger. With three inductive coils built into its metal stand design, you can shore up your phone in any orientation and continue to use it as it refills its battery.