Sonos Play 5: Revelation Of TrueSound


The Sonos Play 5 hardware upgrade concur with the biggest software upgrade the original Play 5 will ever receive, the introduction of True-play, a technology that’ll completely refresh a device that is now 5.5 years old. Sonos isn’t a company to move with speed. Its hardware cycle is unlike many in the market.


The Play 5 and the side, because this time around you can use the speaker in either a horizontal or vertical fashion a sensor inside ascertains which orientation the speaker is set in and adjusts sound quality and controls consequently. It acts as a central point for the touch control.

By considering there is no plus or minus signs to point you in the right direction for the touch panel, this is a clever bit of design. It makes something all but invisible feel intuitive to use. The physical button have gone from the top, too.

Sonos’ band of designers and engineers have embraced touch controls, making use of a capacitance top that is signified by the logo in the middle of the device. The Play 5 is definitely a lesson in decrease. There’s nothing on the chassis that does not need to be there. It is slick, minimal and will fit easily into any home, not matter the decor.

Sonos’s had to do some clever things to make sure the heat of the speaker escapes, it is promising that this amends the bass and clarity of the sound, while making sure immaterial noise is kept away. It is little an unusual to walk across a room while the software fires zaps and other strange noises at your Sonos setup, but the whole thing is over in around 45 seconds and the results are emphatically audible.


The Sonos Play 5 preserves Sonos’ slow slew of impressive hardware releases. It is a good looking speaker with sound that is far more overpowering than the size of the speaker warrants.