Sony KD 49X8307C: Ultra Slim With HD Processing


KD 49X8307C  by Sony, is the first experience of Android TV in the home, and it has been a rocky start to our relationship. The Sony KD 49X8307C is looking adorable 4K Ultra HD TV with a pretty reasonable. And you get a fair of powerful Sony technology.


The X83C also comes with a 3 port USB hub, and there are a host of other audio ins and outs, from standard analogue audio inputs to headphone and audio out as well as digital optical connections.

There are the essential connections for a dedicated sub-woofer too, which is handy, as the pair of 10-W down firing speakers are rather weak. Android TV means you get a host of applications by including most of the major streaming services.

YouTube in 4K is all ready to rock and so is Netflix by providing you have the necessary account level. Even Netflix, nonetheless, wasn’t ostensibly impervious to the trials of this iteration of Android TV. Images which are produced by the Sony panel and its vivid impression 4K X Reality Pro processing are very good. Evidently, it isn’t quite up there with the high price tag likes of Sony’s 75 inch marvel or Samsung’s SUHD range.

The Sony IPS screen offers really well. In spite of the relatively low brightness the contrast levels are pretty vivid impression for such a well priced TV, although it is using lPS panel tech the black levels are decent too. Standard HD content still looks great on this panel, even blown up to 4 times its original res. There is a little noise introduced to the flesh tones in close up, but otherwise the detail is very good.


The Sony KD 49X8307C is a good looking TV whether it is on or off. The design is striking, and the panel is rather vivid impression for such a well priced Ultra HD telly.

Its 4K functionality is very good by showing great detail and tangible depth, but its the HD functionality which really stands out against the crowd.