Telepod Egg Like VR Gaming Chair


Telepod egg like VR gaming chair has created by Japanese hardware and software company Eje, a virtual reality effects chair which looks like an egg. You simply hook the chair up to the headphone jack on the Gear VR and any other VR, and it provides the audio experience which you never heard before.



We have seen many chairs just like racing seats, general desktop gaming chairs, and more, but this is the first time you see the first virtual reality gaming chair which you never seen ever.

When you sit in this chair this will provide a feel like “bodysonic  vibration”, which were similar to the vibrating seats in 4 dimension theatres. The Telepod evokes the feeling of falling asleep and when you are sitting in this chair you wear goggles for virtual reality effect and this chair brings you amazing world and you can enjoy the virtual reality experience.

VR Developers said in Confrence in Sna Francisco, that it’s available for me and all other attendees. He further add that I am responsible human adults, so I will not be spending the next several hours huddling in its soft black cushions, hiding from the world. I promise.

This chair is now available. Visitors must be at least 13 years of the age to try it out, and the experience is not recommended for those that easily suffer from motion sickness.

Telepod Egg Like VR Gaming Chair Price

This gaming chair already on sale, it’s not the cheap it costs for $8,000 in the United States. That means it’s meant for public installation or the living rooms of very, very wealthy.

Country Name


United States $8,000
UK £6,499
Australia AU$1,039