Top 5 Uses For Bluetooth Around The Home


These days, our homes are filled with all sorts of wireless technologies. You’re most likely powering our internet access via Wi-Fi, for example. Bluetooth is yet another wireless technology that we’re often utilizing every day. It has all sorts of benefits around the home, and we’ve picked out five prominent examples for your reading pleasure.



  • Listening To Music


Even if you’re not that clued-up about Bluetooth, you’ve probably heard of this use before. Bluetooth is excellent for music purposes, and there are lots of possibilities at your disposal. For example, Bluetooth headphones found at sites like offer wireless capabilities. It’s much more satisfying when you don’t have to drag a wire around! Many people also look to Bluetooth speakers. These speakers can wirelessly transmit music across numerous devices.


  • Connecting Peripherals


We’re living in a wireless age, and the idea of getting tangled with numerous cables isn’t an attractive one. When it comes to PC and tablet use, we can’t always avoid the need to hook up wires. But, for peripherals like mice and keyboards, Bluetooth support can solve this irritating issue. As noted at, there are lots of great devices on the market for this purpose. Your keyboard has a cable attached? Pfft. That’s so 1990’s.


  • Transferring Files


If you go back ten years-or-so, many people associated Bluetooth with nothing but transferring files. The reason for this was that the ability was implemented in cell phones. Before the days of Cloud technology or NFC, it was the perfect way to move files from one phone to another. Now, Bluetooth offers even more possibilities in this area. Two computers can transfer files with ease, for example. Two tablets are often able to do the same thing, too.


  • Internet Tethering


If you work from home, you’re going to love this tip. Many Android-powered smartphones offer the ability to tether an internet connection these days. Why would you want to do this? You could totally cut out the cost of your broadband connection for starters. Or, it can act as an emergency backup for when your broadband inevitably fails from time-to-time. In the settings screen of your phone, you’ll find the tethering option with a bit of searching. You can either use USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for this task in some cases, so take your pick!


  • Tracking Our Fitness


One of the interesting ways that Bluetooth has developed over the years is as a fitness tool. When you’re out and about, Bluetooth can help to track statistics about your exercise. The same can be said when you’re indoors, being implemented in all sorts of home gym equipment. From fitness bands to scales, it can offer useful information to streamline your routine. Obviously, equipment including this technology sometimes costs a little more, so keep that in mind.

These are our top five picks, but there are plenty more uses for Bluetooth around the home. It can come in useful in every room, from the kitchen to the bathroom!