Updated time clock for your business

biometric time clock

Many businesses that use employees have time clocks, but with technological advances, the traditional time clock just isn’t enough any more. If your company uses one and hasn’t updated it, it might be time to look into replacing the old and outdated one.

biometric time clock

Increased Security is an Added Feature

Today, time clocks are much harder to trick when an employee wants another employee to clock him or her in or out of work. A biometric time clock prevents this simply because an employee’s finger must be applied, or, in the case of facial recognition time clocks, he or she must look into the screen. Another employee won’t be able to plump out another employee’s time card, nor make it look like someone is on duty when they really aren’t any longer. This not only saves your company money in retaining manpower dollars, but also allows you to know who is inside the building in the event of a crisis, such as a fire or other disaster.

This added security feature is digitally enabled and can be kept in an easy-to-access format on any computer. When installed on a computer, both time cards and time sheets will reflect accurate times, reducing or eliminating guess work when payday nears. Time clocks that are in an open area should have their password feature set so that employees cannot tamper with the device.

Other Features Available

Some companies have taken time clocks one step more with available technology and offer added features. One such feature is that the time clock can be used as a time stamp for receivables, documents that are mailed out, and many other uses. The date stamped can be configured in several different formats. Allied Time has several different models with this feature, and can be formatted to stamp more than just the date and time. Different messages can be printed, and different languages can also be used instead of English. This is always a plus in a globally-oriented company.

Purchasing an updated time clock for your business is one step you can take to provide better security for your business and your employees. As an added bonus, if a new time clock uses biometric features, and you combine it with other added features, you may see a decrease in your insurance premiums after informing your insurance agent of these changes and additions.