Google Has Shutting Down Spaces Messaging App

Google Spaces messaging app

Google catches a lot of flak for having too many messaging apps, but there is another messaging style app that you almost surely forgot about that app, which is called Spaces. Now Google has decided to shut down the Google Spaces messaging app on April 17th, 2017. Google’s traditional Spring cleaning is starting soon and with it maybe the company is showing it can be a little more focused on its messaging strategy.

Google Spaces messaging app

Spaces launched to help the smaller groups of people who organize conversation around some specific topics. It was not so much a texting app as a small group froum app. In that app, you could set a topic, invite friends or coworkers and then discuss about the selected topic and share your ideas with others and get the other ideas as well. The key feature was its ability to automatically pull in Google searches, images, YouTube videos and so on.

Google Product Manager John Kilcline said in a post on Google (that is surely due to its own Spring cleaning someday) that “we have decided to take what we learned with Spaces, and apply it to our existing products.” Persymably one of those products that hinted the Google is Allo that’s already integrates the Google Asistant for pulling information directly into a conversation.

The space was kind of a drop of a Facebook experimental app, the Rooms. Facebook has shuted down it back in December 2015. So maybe on the phone, topic based discussion app are not a thing that people really want. Anyway, the Space messaging app will go into a “read-only mode” in the coming weeks and will shut down fully on April 17th.