Google Map Latest Update – Getting Parking Reminders


Google is updating its app day by day, and now the company is adding some handy features to the Google Map, which will make it easier to remember where you left your car. In the app’s latest beta on Android, users are able to tap on the little blue dot that represents you to pull up the option to leave a parking reminder. By doing so will open a screen that let users to enter notes and capture photos to help users to remember the specific spot you car is in – it is helpful for huge lots or multi-story garages.


The Google Map will also let you include how much time is remaining on the spot, and it will set a timer to keep you from running over. The other thing is, that none of this is automated. While the company does have some automated parking reminders, so you will go through this process inside Maps. If you really want to make sure that there is a reminder on your phone.

This is also a rare thing instance where the Google is playing a little bit of catch-up to the Apple. However, the Apple Maps gained the parking reminders last year and it is able to provide them without any input from the users. Apple Maps include a spot to attach notes and a picture, too.

For now, this newly arrive feature is just inside the beta version of the Google Maps on Android devices. Well. Chances are, means that it will hit the public version soon and expand to IOS around the same time.