Google Maps Now Lets You Save & Share Favorite Places


Google has added a new impressive feature to Google Maps for all users on IOS and Android devices. The new feature will allow you to make a list of places that you can star, by allowing save and share with your friends.

There are three different lists types built-in at launch: the “Favorites,” “Starred Places,” and the last type is “Want to Go,” the latter that is designed to serve as a personal bucket list. However, the users can also create their own custom lists that can be public, private, or shared with a link.


The new feature has been is testing since this past fall among Google’s power users, Google Local Guides, and was built off the starring functionality that’s been available in Google Maps for over five years.

“Being able to create and share lists of places could give Google Maps a more social feel to it,” Zach Maier, Lead product Manager of Notes Maps said.

Maps has been focused on getting people from point A to point B without getting lost. Now, “we want to help people break out of their routine, and do something new,” he further explains.

To use the new feature, you tap the “Save” button that appears on the detail page for the location in question, whether that is a business – like restaurant, bar, or shop or anything else. It can be a drop pin, so you can place on the map itself.

It seems that the Starred places and Favorites could have same overlap, but the idea behind that the Starred is to allow users to save a personal list of places they need to reference, that are not necessarily those they would call “Favorites.” For instance, a doctor’s office or school might be Starred, but not the Favorite place.

During testing, you can create lists for yourself, but with today’s launch these can be shared and followed, too.

The Google Maps’ latest feature is available for both IOS and Android devices on the app and though it might take a while for it to show up, a Google representative assures us the update is rolling out starting today.